Friday, November 23, 2012

Course Update

Hello everyone,
I hope you've had a great Thanksgiving Break. Just a couple of organizational things to bring to your attention:

1. Model Demonstrations

Please refer to the MODEL DEMOS page HERE for details on how to prepare for your upcoming demonstrations. You will see that I have included scoring guidelines at the bottom of the page so that you know how you will be evaluated. Group 1, if you need any input before Weds just let me know.

2. Inquiry Study
As discussed in class, the due date for your inquiry is due on the last day of class. Please refer to the CRITICAL INQUIRY page HERE and note the scoring guide at the bottom of the page.

3. Final Journal Summary/Draft Action Plan
I have now published the guidelines for the final summary and plan on the JOURNAL/PLAN page - also linked HERE. As discussed in class, this will be due 12/14/12

So to recap, final deadlines for our remaining assignments:

Weds Nov 28th: Tribes Demo; Posting response to LGBTQ

Weds Dec 5th: Judicious Discipline Demo
Weds Dec 12th: Love & Logic Demo; Inquiry Study
Fri Dec 14th: Final Journal Summary & Action Plan

Please bring any questions to our next class.

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