There will be no F2F class this week, but use the class time to work on the following activity. Due no later than Friday Oct 12th.

Guiding Questions:
How aware are you about poverty that students in your placement might be experiencing?
How does your school, school district, state support children & families in poverty?
What does poverty look like and how should teachers address it?
What else should you know about poverty?

This week we will use a good old constructivist activity, the KWL, to report out your exploration of the topic of poverty.

Your work should consider:
  1. the different layers of poverty - think ecological model - e.g your school, district, national & global levels. The other resources section below -  OECD chart & link to content wiki resource page -  will get you started. Then you can do your own research.
  2. different perspectives: your experience, student/family [the poverty simulation below might also help with this]; and finally, how you as an educator should deal with issues of poverty that might come up in your practice.

KWL Format
The KWL format starts by asking the first two questions under K & W. Then when you have finished your research, come back to address the last questions under L.

K = What do I Know?
W= What do I want to Know?
L= What did I Learn?

Create a Google Doc for your work and give me access at azboudreau@gmail.com Also, please dont forget to include your sources and any relevant visuals.
You may work with a partner on this project, just identify the authors on the final document.

Some Resources:
Social Justice in the OECD 2011 Chart
Try out this Poverty Simulation that has been developed to help raise awareness: http://playspent.org/

LC Content Wiki: https://sites.google.com/site/learningcommunitiescontent/diverse-learners/at-risk/homeless

Reading from Diversity Text: Learning from Poor & Working Class Stories

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