Guest Speakers: Dewayne Smith, Anabel & Andrea

LGBTQ - controversy around the Q - some say it represents Questioning, others Queer-- mays see 2 Qs used
March 9, 2013  Full Spectrum Conference. A free event for educators sponsored through Pacific University's Centre for Gender Equity

Some Considerations
State of Washington - Marriage rights passed in last week's election
Gays much more prevalent in the media
Surveys of LGBT:
->  over 1/3 hear homophobic remarks from faculty staff
-> over 40 not one intervened when they heard slurs
-> at risk for dropping out - many fail to attend school because of fear of safety
-> despite recent cultural shifts kids often still get a message that gay is not acceptable
-> a gay student is an easy target
-> males have a harder time

Think about "What is your definition of bullying?"

Goal for Today's Talk
- Two guest students will talk about their experiences
- Dewayne may share his story
- Gain some insights into LGBTQ experience

Anabel's Story
- 8th grade didnt know she was not straight
- had a crush on a friend kept it quiet, 
- family catholic: being gay is something that needs to be fixed
- as a sophomore, fell in love and people found out -> got email/threats
- had 3 supportive teachers in HS

Andrea's Story
- Grew up in supportive school environment in N. California
- started a gay straight alliance, supportive school environment Northern California
- discovered that the gay guys were getting slurs - 1 beaten up needed an escort
- when knowledge about lesbian gym teacher got around, was struck by how negative the response was [e.g. teacher is looking at the girls in the locker room] and made Andrea wonder if people were saying the same about her behind her back
- a number of teachers had up safe space sign which made her feel supported

Roles - How do we continue stereotypes in schools along gender?
e.g. planning activities - girls would like this boys would like to do that

Holly brought up different cultural perspective -> Navajo - identify with 4 genders.

Video: "Out of the Silence" Wilson & Hammer Documentary
One of the only way to make changes is to hear people's stories
Much of bullying now goes on away from school - internet - but it's still very much a part of school life and will the kinds of challenges you may face

Questions - thoughts?

Article Handout : 
Hannah, D. (2011) Shutting LGBT Students Out: How current anit-bullying policies fail America's youth. LGBTQ Policy Journal at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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