Optional: OL Independent Study or F2F

We will start by explore the theme of 21st Century practitioner by looking at the following resources: the Partnerships for 21st Century Practice site and Ken Robinson's 'Changing Educational Paradigms' video. Please work through the following page and be prepared to share and discuss your notes online. Your notes can be kept in your PLE or whatever teacher notebook/journal you are using.

21st Century Educational Practice

The Partnerships for 21st Century site provides a wealth of resources & proposes new 21st Century literacies that expands the 3Rs to include the 4Cs: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity & Innovation

Visit: http://www.p21.org/

Explore the site noting your responses to this model.
What are your thoughts about the 21st literacies and well equipped do you feel to teach them?  What ideas do you have for developing the areas that you would need to develop?
How do you see these literacies reflected in your school placement?

Changing Educational Paradigms 

There is much debate about the need for educational reform and our role as change agents. To get your thoughts flowing here is an RSA animate video of Ken Robinson's historical overview of the educational paradigm that has predominated in the United States.

As you view the video, jot down notes of key ideas that you find interesting. What elements in the film connect to today's theme of 21st century practice?

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U

So Are You Ready to Think About Becoming a 21st Century Practitioner?

A goal in this course is to help you cultivate your 21st Century literacy skills, through the lenses of Cultural Competence,  Critical Inquiry, and Technology.

You have spent the better part of your educational career working on the 3Rs and as always we will do lots of Reading and Writing. In addition, over the next few weeks we will work on the 4Cs: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving; Communication; Collaboration; and Creativity & Innovation within the LCII course theme of Understanding & Meeting the Needs of Diverse learners.

Your school placement will serve as a meaningful context to identify an authentic critical question related to Student Diversity and guide you in furthering the critical inquiry skills that you learned in your summer research course in an independent study.

In class, the theme of Student Diversity will be explored through activities and guest presentation with a focus on developing personal awareness and cultural competence in an increasingly multicultural society. The technology that we will used to document and process our learning - theoretical and practical - will be a community blog.

Now that you have reviewed the materials, please go to the main Postings page and read the guidelines for how to contribute to the discussion for this week

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